RIN Grand Hotel - Bucharest - 4, 042121, Romania
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If you want to make a surprise to your lover on Valentine’s Day, your searches are over. RIN Grand Hotel comes with a great offer, that will make her or him very happy. With only 339 lei, you can buy a romantic evening in the biggest hotel in Bucharest. You will get some beautiful services and reasons to come back more often.

The offer is composed of:

  • A romantic dinner with delicious food. You will eat salmond tartar, carpacio funghi, pork and delicious chocolate panna cotta and you will drink a wine.
  • A double room in our hotel with VIP tratment and late Check Out;
  • A delicious breakfast;
  • Free Pass for Body Art Wellness Club.

Our offer is valid from 11 to 28 of February, so, you can bring your Valentine to our hotel anytime.

RIN Grand Hotel
7D Vitan Barzesti Street
Bucharest - 4, 042121, Romania
Call: +40 311 061 111
+40 31 061 119


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