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La Boema

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La Boema - a stop in the world of fine recipes
Our master chefs have prepared a selection of international dishes to give your trip a unique taste. Enjoy an elegant, multicultural and refined restaurant.

Our selection of local and international wines is an additional opportunity for delight. You can try Prince Matei – Zornesti, Dealu Mare; Domeniul Coroanei - Segarcea or a wine that still retains the flavor of the French provinces. For special moments, you can enjoy a fine champagne like Moet Chandon or Dom Perignon.

We recommend you to try the pasta made right in our kitchen, following authentic Italian recipes. If you enjoy fish dishes, try a bit of grilled Salmon Fillet with Pesto, Black Tiger Shrimps with Wine and Sour Cream Sauce. Do not miss our dessert - you can choose a Cheese Cake re-created upon a personal recipe by our master chef, or a traditional dessert like Papanasi with cream and jam.

Restaurant open between:
7 am - 10:30 am (breakfast);
10:30 am - 11 pm (lunch/dinner);

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