RIN Grand Hotel - Bucharest - 4, 042121, Romania
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Shopping Gallery at RIN Grand Hotel

If you come at RIN Grand Hotel, you will get much more things that a simple hotel room. Shopping lovers will find some interesting products and services without leaving the hotel.

Our ground floor offers you shops with:

  • Souvenirs. You can offer a little piece of Bucharest to your family or friends.
  • Beauty and relaxation salon, Sara Studio Hair&Beauty, which offers you complex services, such as: hair styling, manicure/pedicure, body and facial treatments and also all kind of massages.
  • GSM accessories and services. If you have problems with your phone, we are here to help you.
  • Pet Shop. You have a pet? You can find lots of toys, food and accessories for your little friend.
  • Raw vegan confectionary. Here you can find some delicious desserts and in the same time, healthy.
  • Minimarket. It’s a perfect place for your current needs.

Also, in our hotel shopping gallery you will find a fashion atelier, a dental center or a press shop, to get all the news from around the world.

RIN Grand Hotel can be much more than a simple hotel, offering you a lifestyle.

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RIN Grand Hotel
7D Vitan Barzesti Street
Bucharest - 4, 042121, Romania
Call: +40 311 061 111
+40 31 061 119


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