RIN Grand Hotel
7D Vitan Barzesti Street
Bucharest - 4, 042121, Romania
+40 311 061 111
+40 31 061 119
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Technology evolves and with it, all the people. Because each of us has a phone, RIN Grand Hotel is the only hotel in Bucharest that offers modern charging solutions and it’s free of charge.

Bug – Charger for your mobile phone at RIN Grand Hotel – you can obtain it by asking the front office personnel

If you don't have your charger when you arrive at RIN Grand Hotel, you can use this BUG without a problem. It's compatible with almost every phone and it can be used by other electronic devices also. This BUG can be found at RIN Grand Hotel Reception. It can be used for a speed charge.

Tower - Charger station found on Business Center - 13'th floor

Your business meetings can be very demanding for you and also for your phone or tablet. That's why, at the Business Center you will find a TOWER charger. Your device will have all the energy it needs.
Tower is a charger station that allows you to recharge up to 12 external batteries and offers you flexibility. If your phone runs out of battery, all you need to do is ask for an external Tower battery.
Given the fact that Tower can give energy for 12 batteries at the same time, everyone from an event can use it.

Station - Charger station in Lobby Bar

If you run out of battery and it happens to be at RIN Grand Hotel, that's not a problem. At the Lobby Bar you can find a charger station for 5 external batteries. All you need to do is ask for a battery while you enjoy your coffee.
The product is resistant, works with almost every phone and can offer a fast recharge on iPhone, Android or Amazon devices. It is also easy to use.